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Emergency 24/7

Emergency Medical Services (EMS) are those services provided in urgent treatment and stabilization for serious illness and injurie...

Specialist Doctors

Chirayu National Hospital and Medical Institute Pvt.Ltd provides the best practice in general and specialist medical services.

Health Packages

Regular health check-ups are a type of preventive medicine that, by catching health issues at an early stage, help reduce long-ter...

Diabetes Center

A dedicated diabetes center at Chirayu is a patient-centric facility designed to provide specialized care for diabetes patient.

What we Are

Find Best Medical Solutions Quick And Easy At Chirayu National Hospital

Chirayu National Hospital and Medical Institute (CNHMI), strategically located at Maharajgunj, Kathmandu, is a private hospital providing ethical and personalized care within an infrastructure on par with the best facility in the country. CNHMI commenced its operation in December 2013, offering both out-patient services and in-patient services.


CNHMI provides best practice general and specialist medical services with high quality and affordable medical care by leveraging the skills of highly trained Nepalese consultants with access to state of the art equipment and technology.


Our multidisciplinary services offer extensive and state-of-the-art medical care with a full range of primary and specialty healthcare services that enable cross-specialty consultation, assuring a comprehensive treatment for each patient.


CNHMI is owned by corporate investors together with a number of consultant doctors practicing at the hospital.



Our Dedicated Doctors Team

Dr.Ashwin Thakali

Consultant Opthalmologist

Dr.Binaya Kumar Regmi

General Physician & Rheumatologist

dr.Rishikesh Thakur

ENT ,Head and Neck Onco Surgeon

Dr.Chetana Pathak

Consultant ENT Surgeon

Dr.Niraj Kumar Singh

Consultant Haematologist

Dr. Ajay Pradhan

General Physician and Diabetologist

Dr.Shambhavi Sharma

General Surgeon

Rashmi Bajimaya Shrestha

Senior Dietician

Ms.Nani Shova Shakya

Senior Dietician

Dr.Sanjay Kumar Sah

Consultant General Physician


Special High-quality Services

OPD Services

It covers the persons who visit the OPD (new and follow up patients) for treatment, investigation, c...


Colonoscopy is a test that allows your doctor to look at the inner lining of your large intestine(re...


Echocardiography: commonly called as “ECHO”, is imaging of the heart and inside of the heart by the...


Ultrasound scan : is a medical test that uses high-frequency sound waves to capture live images from...

Audiology Therapy

Audiologists are concerned with the identification, measurement, and study of hearing and hearing im...


Bronchoscopy is a procedure that allows your doctor to look at your airway through a thin viewing in...
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Setting the Standards in Research & Clinical Care

Our Mission

To provide an accessible and affordable quality healthcare service where people can trust us.

Vision Statement

To provide a consistent and unparalleled experience as the most trusted partner for health care.

Occasional Events

Our Recent Events

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Happy Patients & Clients

If you need any medical help we are available for you.


Michael Chand

Sr.Media Personality/Former Senior English News Editor & Newscaster

For us Chirayu Hospital is a good health institution to approach at under any circumstances that come by. We appreciate the prompt services of the staff and we are extremely proud to be there on all occasions depending on the nature of our illness.
We have noticed that health-seekers do enjoy a clean surrounding with most of the good logistical facilities available, something which every patient coming to  the hospital aspires for in all prevailing circumstances.


Bhuwan Chand

First Lady of the Nepali Silver Screen and Celebrity

The services we get as senior citizens at the hospital is always marked by respect and a strong sense of preparedness to assist us in resolving many of our health issues from time to time is always there. We are impressed that the hospital boasts of many assiduous medical staff members. However, we do agree here that no hospital in the world can practice panacea. Some shortcomings are always there. Chirayu Hospital too is no exception.